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HP 5800-48G Installation Manual: Fan Failure; Built-in Fan Failure; Hot Swappable Fan Tray Failure

Hp 5820x & 5800 switch series installation guide.
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The PoE module is correctly installed and seated in the switch.
If the problem persists, contact HP Support for help.
To replace a PoE module, see

Fan failure

You can look at the system status LED and the seven-segment LED of a 5800 or 5820X switch to identify
a fan failure. If both LEDs are behaving as described in
Table 12 LED behaviors that identify a fan failure
System status LED
Seven-segment LED

Built-in fan failure

The 5800-48G (1 slot), 5800-48G TAA (1 slot), 5800-48G-PoE+ (1 slot), 5800-48G-PoE+ TAA (1 slot),
5800-24G-PoE+, 5800-24G-PoE+TAA, 5800-24G, and 5800-24G TAA switches use built-in fans. If a
fan failure occurs, contact the HP technical support for help and do not attempt to fix the problem

Hot swappable fan tray failure

You can replace a hot swappable fan tray without powering off the switch. To prevent overheat, replace
the failed fan tray within 2 minutes for the 5800-48G-PoE+ (2 slots), 5800-48G-PoE+ TAA (2 slots),
5800-24G-SFP (1 slot), 5800-24G-SFP TAA (1 slot), 5820X-24XG-SFP+, 5820X-24XG-SFP+ TAA,
5820X-14XG-SFP+ (2 slots), and 5820X-14XG-SFP+ TAA (2 slots) switches.
The 5800AF-48G and 5820AF-24XG switches require two same direction air flow fan trays to function
Do not operate the system with only one fan tray for more than 24 hours.
Do not operate the system without any fan tray for more than 2 minutes.
Do not operate the system outside of the temperature range 0°C to 45°C (32°F to 1 13°F) degrees.
Failure to comply with these operating requirements might void the warranty.
This section applies to the 5800-48G-PoE+ (2 slots), 5800-48G-PoE+ TAA (2 slots), 5800-24G-SFP (1
slot), 5800-24G-SFP TAA (1 slot), 5800AF-48G, 5820AF-24XG, 5820X-24XG-SFP+, 5820X-24XG-SFP+
TAA, 5820X- 1 4XG-SFP+ (2 slots), and 5820X- 1 4XG-SFP+ TAA (2 slots) switches.
To replace a failed fan tray, see
"Installing/removing a PoE
Steady red
The LED displays F for fan failure.
"Installing/removing a fan
12, a fan failure occurs.


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