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Mitsubishi Electric Apricot Owner's Handbook Manual Page 28

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O p e r a t i n g Y o u r S y s t e m
The first time you run the SCU there will be no passwords in force. When
you select Step 2 or Step 3 from the Main Menu, which are the only
options in the SCU which are password-protected, the system will display
the First-Time Admin Password prompt box. This is an alternative
method to setting the Administrative password within the SCU along
with other parameters. When you see this box, do one of the following:
Press ESC to bypass the box if you don't want to set any passwords.
You now have full access to the configuration settings, including the
ability to change them. As long as you do not set a password, the
First-Time Admin Password prompt box will appear every time
you run the SCU.
Type in an administrative password. Then press TAB (not ENTER)
to move the cursor to the confirm field and then type the password
again. Now press ENTER to confirm. Your administrative password
is now set.
There is no such prompt box for the User Password. The only way to set this
password is within the SCU along with other system parameters.
The existence of a password imposes the following requirements or
You must enter the password, when the system prompts you, to
complete the boot process and load the operating system. If both
passwords are set, entering either one achieves this same objective.
When you run the SCU, you must enter a password at the prompt
after selecting Step 2 or Step 3 from the Main Menu. If only one
password is set, either Administrative or User, entering it gives you
full access to the configuration settings. If both passwords are set,
only the Administrative allows you to change settings. The User
password restricts you just to viewing access.
You will not be able to boot the system from a remote workstation.
Password Clear Switch
There is a Password Clear Switch on the motherboard of your Apricot. If
you set this switch to On, the passwords will be cleared (i.e. removed)
every time you boot or reset the system. Unless there is a specific reason
for clearing the passwords in this way, ensure that the switch is set to Off
at all times. See Chapter 5, Technical Information, to find out where this
switch is located and how to set it.


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