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Mitsubishi Electric Apricot Owner's Handbook Manual Page 172

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Bus Bars
Metal insulated bars, two pairs of which carry DC power from the
Uninterruptible Power Supply to the power distribution panel at the top
of the electronics chamber. This panel then supplies power to the
motherboard and associated components. There is a third set of 3 bars,
located behind the motherboard cooling fan assembly, which provides
power to the hard disk drives via the hard disk power distribution panel.
Diagnostic Codes
Special codes, expressed as hexadecimal numbers, which appear on the
front panel LCD. These codes indicate errors or problems with the
system, but can also indicate a perfectly normal sequence of events. The
separate document, Diagnostic Codes Reference Guide, provides a definition
for each code.
Disk Subsystem
The area of the hard disk chamber inside the server which houses all of
the hard disk drives. The subsystem will accommodate up to 20 drives in
five modules. It also includes a cooling fan assembly, containing 2 fans, at
the rear.
Drive Chamber
The area inside the server, on the opposite side from the electronics
chamber, which contains the removable media drives, System
Management Controller board, hard disk cooling fans and the disk
Electronics Chamber
The area of the interior of server which contains the motherboard and
associated cables and power distribution panels.
Front Panel
The panel on the front of the server that consists of the diagnostic codes
LCD, the P
, S
, R
and C
buttons as well as the
UPS and Power LEDs.
Hard Disk Drive Module
The metal framework inside the disk subsystem which houses four hard
disk drives. The server can accommodate up to five of these modules,
providing a maximum of 20 drives.


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