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Master/Slave Operation - Martin Mania SCX500 User Manual

Mania scx500
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M a s t e r / s l a v e o p e r a t i o n
In master/slave mode, one master Mania SCX500 sends trigger signals to
all the fixtures connected to it, and all fixtures run an identical dynamic
light show. Up to 32 Mania SCX500s can be connected together and
operated in master/slave mode. More fixtures can be added using an
optically isolated splitter/amplifier such as the Martin RS-485 Opto-Splitter
(P/N 90758060).
Important! Set only 1 fixture as master: damage can occur if 2 masters, or
a master and a controller, are linked together.
Setting up Mania SCX500s for master/slave
For master/slave operation, the master fixture must be set to auto trig or
music trig mode and the slave fixtures must be set to DMX mode using the
Mode button on the settings panel.
To set up master/slave operation:
1. Select one fixture to be the master (you will save time if you choose a
fixture which is easily accessible).
2. Ensure that all slave fixtures are in DMX mode, and then set the master
fixture to auto trig or music trig operation (see "Selecting operating
modes" on page 15)
3. When slave fixtures receive signals from the master, they will
automatically begin operating in slave mode.
displays and the green Data LED will light to show that the fixture is
receiving control data.
Slave mode
DMX Address
Mode button
Mania SCX500 user manual
9 1 0
Data LED lit
will appear in their

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