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Firmware /Hard Boot Uploads - Martin Mania SCX500 User Manual

Mania scx500
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2. Pry open the fuse holder (located next to the power cable entry, EU
model illustrated) with a flat-head screwdriver and remove the fuse.
3. Replace the fuse with one of the same type. The fuse rating is listed on
the serial number label and in "Mania SCX 500 specifications" on page
4. Replace the fuse holder.
5. If fuses continue to blow, there is probably a fault. Disconnect the
fixture from power and data and contact a Martin service technician.
F i r m w a r e / h a r d b o o t u p l o a d s
It is possible to upload new firmware to the Mania SCX500 via the data IN
connector using, for example, an uploader such as the Martin MP-2
Uploader, or a PC using a Martin DABS interface device and suitable
software. The latest version of the Mania SCX500 firmware is available in
the Support area of the Martin website at
If the Mania SCX500 will not accept normal firmware uploads, it can be
forced to accept an upload by starting it in hard boot mode. To start in
hard boot mode, hold both the Mode button and the X100 button pressed
in while powering on the fixture. When the Mania SCX500 is in hard boot
mode, the data LED blinks.
If you are not sure how to carry out uploads, your Martin dealer will be
able to give advice or carry out the upload for you.
Service and maintenance
Fuse holder

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