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Martin MAC Aura User Manual

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MAC Aura
User manual



  Summary of Contents for Martin MAC Aura

  • Page 1 MAC Aura User manual...
  • Page 2: Dimensions

    The Martin logo, the Martin name and all other trade- marks in this document pertaining to services or products by Martin Professional A/S or its affiliates and subsidiaries are trademarks owned or licensed by Martin Professional A/S or its affiliates or subsidiaries.
  • Page 3: Safety Information

    If you have questions about how to operate the fixture safely, please contact your Martin supplier or call the Martin 24-hour service hotline on +45 8740 0000, or in the USA on 1-888-tech-180.
  • Page 4 • Refer any service operation not described in this manual to a qualified technician. • Socket outlets used to supply MAC Aura fixtures with power or external power switches must be located near the fixtures and easily accessible so that the fixtures can easily be disconnected from power.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Dimensions ............... . 2 Safety Information .
  • Page 6: Fixture Overview

    Control buttons AC mains power input AC mains power throughput DMX output DMX input Safety cable attachment point Note: head fan grill in production models is rotated 90° compared to this illustration. Figure 1: Fixture overview MAC Aura user manual...
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction Thank you for selecting the MAC Aura™, an intelligent lighting fixture from Martin Professional™. This compact LED-based moving-head washlight features: • Independent or linked Beam (primary LED array) and Aura (secondary background LED array) control • Range of pre-programmed independent and synchronized Beam and Aura effects available via DMX that give instant access to the full potential of the fixture •...
  • Page 8: Ac Power

    The MAC Aura can be hard-wired to a building electrical installation if you want to install it permanently, or a power plug that is suitable for the local power outlets can be installed on the power cable.
  • Page 9: Relaying Power To Other Devices

    • No matter what the AC mains power voltage is, do not connect more than seven MAC Aura fixtures in total (i.e. including the first fixture) to AC mains power in one interconnected daisy chain using power input and throughput connectors.
  • Page 10: Data Link

    Standard pin-out is pin 4 = data 2 cold (-) and pin 5 = data 2 hot (+). The MAC Aura is not subject to the limit of 32 devices per daisy-chained link which is common in Martin fixtures. Instead, the number of fixtures is either limited to 256 or limited by the number of DMX channels required by the fixtures in relation to the maximum 512 channels available in one DMX universe, whichever limit is lower.
  • Page 11: Physical Installation

    Physical installation Warning! The MAC Aura must be either fastened to a flat surface such as a stage or wall, or clamped to a truss or similar structure in any orientation using a rigging clamp. Do not apply power to the MAC Aura if it is standing freely or the fixture can be moved.
  • Page 12: Hanging The Fixture

    Aura can be mounted on and removed from the bracket in seconds. The MAC Aura is a tight fit in the surface mounting bracket. Make sure that the fixture is securely clipped into the bracket and always secure the fixture with the safety cable supplied with the bracket.
  • Page 13: Setup

    (Up) forces the fixture to reset. Display panel functions The DMX address is shown in the display panel when the MAC Aura is powered on and has reset. The display panel backlighting indicates fixture status as follows: • The display blacks out during resets.
  • Page 14: Tailoring Performance

    It is recommended when the MAC Aura is used intensively in a warm environment or in fixed installations. Note that it will give increased fan noise compared to the other cooling modes.
  • Page 15: Restoring Factory Default Settings

    This makes it ideal for slow, smooth dimming, but a short time-lag may be noticeable if you try to dim quickly from one intensity to another. Restoring factory default settings → FACTORY DEFAULT LOAD The MAC Aura factory default settings can be restored by applying a command. Setup...
  • Page 16: Operation And Effects

    (narrow) zoom. Pan and tilt The MAC Aura’s moving head can be panned through 540° and tilted through 232°. The speed of pan/tilt movement can be adjusted on the DMX fixture control channel 8 and in the fixture’s onboard control panel.
  • Page 17 ‘superimposed’ over the other. See “FX: pre-programmed effects” on page 27 for an overview of the FX available. The MAC Aura Product Support page on features a downloadable detailed description of the parameters adjusted and algorithms applied in the different FX.
  • Page 18: Rdm

    FX2 overrides FX1 whenever both FX modify the same parameter. RDM (Remote Device Management) is implemented in the MAC Aura and RDM communication is possible over the DMX data link. As provided for in the ANSI/ESTA E1.20 RDM protocol, the fixture can send information about its RDM-accessible parameters to an RDM control device.
  • Page 19: Service And Maintenance

    The user will need to clean the MAC Aura periodically, and it is also possible for the user to update the firmware and install the optional diffuser accessory available from Martin. All other service operations on the MAC Aura must be carried out by Martin Professional or its approved service agents.
  • Page 20: Control Menu Service Utilities

    Pan and tilt calibration Pan and tilt on the MAC Aura are calibrated at the factory so that movement is identical in multiple fixtures. Adjustment should not be necessary initially, but over a period of use fixtures may gradually lose calibration.
  • Page 21: Fixture Readouts

    You can also reset the resettable counter to zero. • The manufacturer’s serial number and the fixture’s RDM ID number. Display messages If an error occurs, the MAC Aura gives fixture status readouts in the display. See “Display messages” on page 31. Lubrication In general, the MAC Aura does not require lubrication.
  • Page 22: Dmx Protocol

    Pan fine adjustment (Least Significant Byte) Tilt Fade 0 - 255 0 - 100 Tilt 0 - 232° Tilt fine Fade 32768 0 - 255 0 - 100 Tilt fine adjustment (Least Significant Byte) Table 2: MAC Aura DMX Protocol MAC Aura user manual...
  • Page 23 These values need to be held for 5 seconds before feature is activated. Values must be "snapped to" to function. Menu override: setting unaffected by power off/on. Value must be held for 3 seconds to activate. Setting unaffected by power off/on. Table 2: MAC Aura DMX Protocol DMX protocol...
  • Page 24 • If sync set on channel 19, adjusts synchronized FX1+FX2 speed FX2 select Snap 0 - 255 0 - 100 Pre-programmed effect 2 selection (see “FX: pre-programmed effects” on page 27) Table 2: MAC Aura DMX Protocol MAC Aura user manual...
  • Page 25 Strobe 10: burst (fast → slow) 230 - 244 92 - 97 245 - 255 98 - 100 Shutter open Aura dimmer Fade 0 → 100% intensity 0 - 255 0 - 100 Table 2: MAC Aura DMX Protocol DMX protocol...
  • Page 26 Fade Blue 0 → 100% 0 - 255 0 - 100 Table 2: MAC Aura DMX Protocol Note: DMX values labeled "No function" will have no effect - the last functional value will be used. COLOR CALIB is set to...
  • Page 27: Fx: Pre-Programmed Effects

    Reserved Table 3: FX (pre-programmed Beam and Aura effects) The MAC Aura Product Support page on features a downloadable detailed description of the parameters that are adjusted and algorithms that are applied in the different FX. FX: pre-programmed effects...
  • Page 28: Lee Colors And Rgb Equivalents

    Steel Blue Lighter Blue Light Blue Medium Blue Green Dark Green Primary Green Moss Green Fern Green JAS Green Lime Green Spring Yellow Deep Amber Chrome Orange Orange Gold Amber Millennium Gold Deep Golden Amber Flame Red MAC Aura user manual...
  • Page 29: Onboard Control Menus

    Onboard control menus Menu Item Options Notes (Default settings in bold print) DMX address (default address = 1). The DMX address DMX ADDRESS 1 – XXX range is limited so that the fixture will always have enough DMX channels within the 512 available. Linked control of Beam and Aura using Beam channels, Aura copies Beam CONTROL...
  • Page 30 EXT mode Enable pan/tilt position feedback/correction system Disable pan/tilt feedback for servicing (this setting is not FEEDBACK saved when fixture is reset) SERVICE PAN OFFSET Pan calibration CALIBRATION TILT OFFSET Tilt calibration Table 4: Control menu MAC Aura user manual...
  • Page 31: Display Messages

    LEDs is cut off..there is a malfunction in the optical pan or tilt PAN FBACK ERR monitoring/feedback circuit (e.g. sensor Reset fixture. Contact Martin service if defective). After a time-out, pan or tilt stops in problem continues. TILT FBACK ERR a random position.
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    Probable cause(s) Remedy No power to fixture. Check AC mains power and connections. Fixture is completely dead. Have faulty fixture serviced by Martin service Internal circuit fault. technician. Inspect connections and cables. Correct poor Fault on data link. connections. Repair or replace damaged cables.
  • Page 33: Specifications

    Firmware update ....... . .
  • Page 34 Martin USB Duo™ DMX Interface Box ........
  • Page 36 • • • Olof Palmes Allé 18 8200 Aarhus N Denmark • Tel: +45 8740 0000 Fax +45 8740 0010...