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Troubleshooting - Martin Mania SCX500 User Manual

Mania scx500
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5. T
One or more fixtures is
completely dead.
Fixtures reset correctly but all
respond erratically or not at
all to controller.
Fixtures reset correctly but
some respond erratically or
not at all.
Fixture will not run a stand-
alone light show. Display
shows number between 1
and 512.
An effect fails to reset
Lamp cuts out intermittently
or burns out too quickly.
Fixture does not respond
correctly to music beat in
music trig mode
Probable cause(s)
No power to fixture.
Main fuse blown.
Controller not connected.
XLR pin-out of controller
does not match pin-out of
first fixture on link (i.e.
polarity is reversed).
Bad data link connection
Data link not terminated.
Incorrect fixture addressing.
Your are trying to control via
DMX but one or more fixtures
is set to auto or music trig.
Your are trying to operate in
master/slave mode but more
than one fixture is set to auto
or music trig.
One of the fixtures is
Fixture is set to DMX mode
and is displaying DMX
The effect requires
mechanical adjustment.
Fixture too hot.
Music sensor incorrectly
Mania SCX500 user manual
Check that power is switched
on and cables are plugged in.
Replace fuse.
Connect controller.
Install phase-reversing cable
between controller and first
fixture on link.
Inspect connections and
cables. Correct poor
connections. Repair or
replace damaged cables.
Use DMX termination plug on
last fixture on link for DMX
control, or first and last
fixtures for master/slave
Check DMX addresses.
Set all fixtures to DMX mode
for DMX control.
Set all fixtures except the
master to DMX mode for
master/slave operation.
Bypass one fixture at a time
(unplug both DMX
connectors and connect
them directly together) until
normal operation is regained.
Have the defective fixture
serviced by a Martin
Use Mode switch to change
fixture from DMX to either
auto trig or music trig mode.
Contact Martin technician for
Allow fixture to cool. Check
air vents and fan, and clean if
Adjust sensitivity control until
fixture responds satisfactorily
to music.

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