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Martin Mania SCX500 User Manual page 23

Mania scx500
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2. Remove the lamp module cover release thumbscrew and open the
cover on its hinge. Do not confuse the cover release thumbscrew with
the focus adjustment knob.
adjustment knob
3. Remove the old lamp
from its metal clip
and, being careful not
to strain any wires,
gently pull the lamp
off its ceramic base.
4. Hold the new lamp by
its base (do not touch
the inside of the
reflector or the bulb).
Push the lamp pins
squarely into the
ceramic base.
5. If you touched the
bulb, the reflector or
any optical
components, clean
them with a clean,
lint-free cloth wetted
with isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol is extremely inflammable, so take
precautions to avoid fire risk.
6. Replace the lamp in the metal clip, making sure that the wires are clear
of the gobo and color wheels. Close the cover, checking that no wires
are trapped, and replace the thumbscrew.
Service and maintenance
Lamp module
cover release

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