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Martin Mania SCX500 User Manual page 18

Mania scx500
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For individual control, each fixture must be assigned its own DMX address
and control channels. Fixtures with the same address will receive the
same instructions and behave identically.
If a fixture is set to 8-channel mode and you give it DMX address 100, for
example, it will use channels 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106 and 107.
Channel 108 is available for the next fixture.
To set DMX addresses:
1. Power on the fixtures on the DMX link.
2. Depending on which channels are
available, decide on suitable DMX
addresses for the Mania SCX500s.
3. Enter the DMX address for each Mania
SCX500 using the three addressing
buttons on the control panel of each
fixture. The X1 button increases the last
digit in the DMX address, the X10 button
increases the address by 10 and the X100
increases the address by 100.
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In 6-channel mode, the Mania SCX500 responds to the following
• Reset
• Strobe effect
• Macros 1 - 12
• Dimming (0 - 100% intensity)
• Color wheel position and rotation
• Gobo wheel position and rotation
• Pan
• Tilt
In 8-channel mode, you can also control:
• Pan/tilt speed
• Speed of color and gobo wheels
Reset: All effects can be reset to their index positions from the controller
using channel 1. The reset command must be sent for 5 seconds before it
takes effect.
When a fixture is reset via DMX,
Strobe: A variable speed strobe effect is available on Channel 1.
Mania SCX500 user manual
should appear in the digital display.
DMX Address
DMX addressing

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