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Error Messages - Martin Mania SCX500 User Manual

Mania scx500
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I nverti ng ti lt
To set a Mania SCX500 to inverted tilt:
1. Apply power to the fixture and wait for the fixture to reset.
2. Hold the Mode button pressed in. After 5 seconds the display will blink.
You are now in the control menu. Keeping the Mode button pressed in,
press the X100 button repeatedly, until
• If the display blinks
• If the display blinks
3. Keeping the Mode button pressed in, press the X1 button to toggle
between normal and inverted tilt.
4. Release the Mode button to save the setting and return the fixture to
normal operation.
E r r o r m e s s a g e s
In the event of an internal error, the following messages will appear in the
digital display:
7 0 1
– Color wheel error.
7 0 2
– Gobo wheel error.
7 0 3
– Error on both gobo and color wheels.
If an error message is displayed, try powering the fixture off and then on
again to reset it.
If the problem persists, contact your Martin dealer.
3 0
, the fixture is in normal tilt mode.
3 1
, the fixture is in inverted tilt mode.
appears in the left of the

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