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Martin MAC 700 PROFILE User Manual

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MAC 700 Profile
user manual



  Summary of Contents for Martin MAC 700 PROFILE

  • Page 1 MAC 700 Profile user manual...
  • Page 2 270° 270° © 2005 Martin Professional A/S, Denmark. All rights reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from Martin Professional A/S, Denmark. Printed in Denmark. P/N 35000137, Rev. C...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Software installation..............27 MAC 700 Profile DMX protocol .
  • Page 4 This page is intentionally left blank...
  • Page 5: Introduction

    If you have questions about how to operate the fixture safely, please contact your Martin dealer or call the Martin 24-hour service hot line at +45 70 200 201.
  • Page 6: Unpacking

    Unpacking The MAC 700 Profile is packaged in either a cardboard box or a two-unit flight case that is designed to protect the product during shipment. The following items are included: • OSRAM HTI 700/D4/75 lamp (installed) •...
  • Page 7: Ac Power

    15 A fuse. Power connection Important! Connect the MAC 700 Profile directly to AC power. Do not connect it to a dimmer system; doing so may damage the fixture. You may need to install a cord cap (mains plug) that fits your supply on the power cable. A grounding-type (earthed) plug must be installed following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Page 8: Lamp

    Lamp About the discharge lamp The MAC 700 Profile is designed for use with an OSRAM HTI 700 W/D4/75 lamp. This highly efficient double-ended short-arc source provides a color temperature of 7380 K, a color rendering index of 75, an average service life of 750 hours and hot restrike.
  • Page 9 Important! Align the lamp carefully. An excessive hot-spot will damage optical components. 1. Apply power and allow the MAC 700 Profile to reset. Using either a controller or the control menu, strike the lamp and project an open white beam on a flat surface.
  • Page 10: Dmx Data Link

    Important! Never connect more than 1 data input and 1 data output. The MAC 700 Profile has both 3-pin and 5-pin XLR sockets for DMX input and output. The pin-out on all sockets is pin 1 to shield, pin 2 to cold (-), and pin 3 to hot (+). There is no connection to pins 4 and 5.
  • Page 11: Rigging

    Rigging The MAC 700 Profile can be placed on stage or clamped to a truss in any orientation. The mounting points allow the clamp brackets to be fastened parallel or perpendicular to the front as shown Figure 6. Figure 6: Clamp bracket positions and safety wire attachment point Warning! Always use 2 clamps to rig the fixture.
  • Page 12: Control Panel

    The DMX address and any status messages (see page 41) are displayed on the control panel when the MAC 700 Profile is powered on. To enter the menu, press [Menu]. Press [Up] and [Down] to move within the menu. To select a function or submenu, press [Enter]. To escape a function or menu, press [Menu].
  • Page 13: Readouts

    • The shortcuts ( → ) setting determines whether the gobo and color wheels take the shortest   path between two positions, crossing the open position if necessary, or always avoid the open position. D I M M E R →...
  • Page 14: Service Messages

      . The off setting, however, is not saved and the system will be re-enabled the next time the fixture starts. If the system cannot correct the pan/tilt position within 10 seconds, feedback is automatically disabled. MAC 700 Profile...
  • Page 15 A D J U S T M E N T → The adjustment menu (   ) provides manual control for making mechanical adjustments. See page 39. C A L I B R A T I O N The calibration menu ( →...
  • Page 16: Effects

    This section describes the functions programmed in the MAC 700 Profile DMX protocols. The MAC 700 Profile has two DMX operating modes, 16-bit basic and 16-bit extended. The extended mode requires eight more DMX channels than the basic mode and provides all features of the basic mode plus fine control of the dimmer, cyan, magenta, yellow, color wheel, iris, zoom, and focus.
  • Page 17: Dimming And Strobe

    Dimming and strobe The mechanical dimmer/shutter system provides smooth, high-resolution 100 percent dimming, instant open and blackout, random and variable strobe effects up to 10 Hz, and random and variable pulses in which the dimmer snaps open and slowly dims or snaps closed and slowly opens. Fine control of the dimmer is available on channel 3 in extended mode.
  • Page 18: Focus And Zoom

    P E R S O N A L I T Y O V E R R I D E S The pan/tilt speed channel provides tracking values that allow you to override the pan/tilt speed setting from the controller. The effects speed channel provides values for overriding the shortcuts setting for the color and gobo wheels. MAC 700 Profile...
  • Page 19: Optical Configuration

    Optical configuration Color wheel The MAC 700 Profile features a color wheel with 8 interchangeable dichroic color filters and an open position. The illustration shows the filter positions as seen from the lens. Refer to the DMX protocol for filter colors.
  • Page 20: Gobos

    C U S T O M G O B O S Martin can provide many additional gobos for the MAC 700 Profile. Gobos are interchangeable between MAC 500, MAC 550 and MAC 700 fixtures. For more information, please visit the Martin web site at
  • Page 21 Focus is easiest to maintain if all coated gobos in a fixture are installed with their coatings as close as possible to the same plane of focus. The coated gobos in the MAC 700 Profile are factory-installed in this position. However, if there is an unusually high risk of heat damage on a custom coated gobo, the first priority is normally to ensure that more reflective sides face towards the lamp.
  • Page 22: Animation Wheel

    5. Replace the top head cover and release the tilt lock before applying power. Animation wheel The MAC 700 Profile comes with the “Radial breakup” gobo animation wheel installed. Five additional stock patterns are available as accessories from Martin dealers.
  • Page 23: Diffuser

    Diffuser The MAC 700 Profile is supplied with a diffuser installed. This has the advantage of eliminating any pattern in the light beam that might be caused by the dimmer or CMY flags at very low output levels. However, the diffuser reduces total light output by approximately 10%.
  • Page 24: Routine Maintenance

    Routine maintenance The MAC 700 Profile requires routine cleaning. The schedule depends heavily on the operating environment. It is essential to follow the cleaning guidelines given later in this section. Refer any service operation that is not described here to a qualified Martin technician.
  • Page 25 4. Position the head top side up so that you have access through the top. Holding the zoom lens by its base, slide it out it to its limit at the front of the fixture as shown in Figure 16. Head top side up Figure 16: Moving the zoom lens forward 5.
  • Page 26: Cleaning

    Cleaning schedules for lighting fixtures vary greatly depending on the operating environment. It is therefore impossible to specify precise cleaning intervals for the MAC 700 Profile. Cooling fans suck in airborne dust and smoke particles, and in extreme cases fixtures may require cleaning after surprisingly few hours of operation.
  • Page 27: Lubrication

    Martin service partner if necessary. Software installation Software updates are available from the Martin web site and can be installed via the data link with a Martin upload device. The following are required in order to install software.
  • Page 28 4. Perform a boot mode upload as described in the uploader documentation. 5. When the upload is complete, disconnect the fixture from power and move the jumper back to the “DISABLE” position. 6. Reassemble the base. MAC 700 Profile...
  • Page 29: Mac 700 Profile Dmx Protocol

    MAC 700 Profile DMX protocol 16-bit 16-bit Basic Extended Mode Mode DMX Value Percent Function Shutter, strobe, reset, lamp on/off 0 - 19 0 - 7 Shutter closed (lamp switches to 400 W mode after 10 seconds while shutter is closed)
  • Page 30 220 - 240 87 - 94 Random color 241 - 245 95 - 96 Fast 246 - 250 97 - 98 Medium Slow 251 - 255 99 - 100 0 - 255 0 - 100 Color Wheel: fine (LSB) MAC 700 Profile...
  • Page 31 CCW, fast → slow 128 - 252 51 - 99 253 - 255 No rotation 0 - 255 0 - 100 Rotating gobo, fine indexing (LSB) If indexed gobo is selected on channel 7 (basic) or 12 (extended) MAC 700 Profile DMX protocol...
  • Page 32 20 - 54 (basic) or 18 (extended) Angled position, vertical → horizontal, continuous rotation: set direction & 140 - 229 55 - 89 speed on channel 13 (basic) or 18 (extended) 230 - 255 90 - 100 Open MAC 700 Profile...
  • Page 33  243 - 245 Tracking, (menu override)   246 - 248 96 - 97 Tracking, (menu override)   249 - 251 Tracking, (menu override) 252 - 255 99 - 100 Blackout while moving MAC 700 Profile DMX protocol...
  • Page 34 1 - 96 246 - 251 96 - 98 Tracking 252 - 255 99 - 100 Blackout while moving Prism 0 - 251 0 - 98 Normal (no blackout) 252 - 255 99 - 100 Blackout while moving MAC 700 Profile...
  • Page 35: Control Menu

    Control menu Menu Item Options Notes (Default settings in bold print)   – (16-bit basic)  DMX address (new fixtures are supplied with address set to 1)   – (16-bit extended) 16-bit basic DMX mode with 2-channel (coarse and fine) control of ...
  • Page 36 DMX value (0 - 255) received on each channel    – Values for fine control channels (indicated with in the display) can only be viewed if available in the DMX mode the fixture is set to Table 2: Control menu MAC 700 Profile...
  • Page 37 Menu Item Options Notes (Default settings in bold print)  Reset fixture  Lamp on  Lamp off  Open shutter  Close shutter   Fast strobe  Medium strobe  Slow strobe    Dimmer –  ...
  • Page 38 Set all effects to calibration value 128  PCB test: for service use only  Cooling fans: full speed   Cooling fans: temperature regulated   Manually set fixture to software update mode Table 2: Control menu MAC 700 Profile...
  • Page 39: Adjustment Submenu

    Adjustment submenu   menu is for use by service technicians when performing adjustments. Menu Item Item Options Notes  Reset fixture  Strike lamp  Douse lamp  Dimmer blades against stop  Close dimmer  Dimmer to open position ...
  • Page 40: Control Menu Shortcuts

    Pan left, tilt down  Pan right, tilt up Table 3: Adjustment submenu Control menu shortcuts The following shortcuts are available using the buttons in the MAC 700 Profile control panel: Shortcut Function Hold [Menu] and press [Up] Resets fixture...
  • Page 41: Display Messages

     (Lamp error) and frequency settings match the local reasons are a missing or defective lamp, or supply. insufficient AC voltage. Contact Martin service personnel for  (Memory error) ...the EEPROM memory cannot be read. assistance.  ...a software upload is unsuccessful.
  • Page 42: Troubleshooting

    XLR pin-out on fixtures does not match (pins or swap pins 2 and 3 in the fixture that behaves 2 and 3 reversed). erratically. Disable effects feedback (page 14). Contact Martin Time out error after fixture reset. Effect requires mechanical adjustment. technician for service. Mechanical effect loses Mechanical train requires cleaning, Contact Martin technician for service.
  • Page 43: Circuit Board Connections

    Circuit board connections PL45 PL48 PL54 PL58 Ballast FB Ballast FB PL42 PL47 PL51 PL56 Tilt Gobo 1 Gobo 1 Gobo 1 Rot. Gobo 1 Rot. Focus Sw. Focus Sw. Zoom Sw. Zoom Sw. Cyan Magenta Ani. Pos Ani. Pos Ani.
  • Page 44: Mac 700 Profile Specifications

    MAC 700 Profile Specifications P H Y S I C A L Length ..............450 mm (17.7 in) Width .
  • Page 45 O P T I C S Glass cold light reflector Spread angle ..........14° - 30° (focused on open gobo) Focal length .
  • Page 46 MAC 700 Profile in cardboard packing case ........
  • Page 47 Unit C6, Hastingwood Trading Estate 35, Harbet Road, London, N18 3HU Phone 020 8803 7400 FAX 020 8803 5060 email Web