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Operation - Martin Mania SCX500 User Manual

Mania scx500
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Important! Each time you power the Mania SCX500 off, wait at least 10
seconds before powering on again. Failure to do so may cause
damage that is not covered by the product guarantee.
The Mania SCX500 is supplied in DMX mode. If you are not using a DMX
controller, set the fixture to music trig or auto trig mode before use (see
"Selecting operating modes" on page 15).
Once the Mania SCX500 is correctly and safely installed, power on at the
fixture's power on/off switch. The fixture will reset.
If the Mania SCX500 resets and starts up successfully, three digits will
appear in the display for a few moments to indicate the software version
installed. The first digit is the major release number (i.e. the number
before the decimal point in a version number). For example, if software
version 1.1 is installed, the message
Any other message (see "Error messages" on page 21) indicates power
reset failure. If this occurs, switch off, wait a few seconds and switch on
again. If the software version number still fails to appear, consult your
Martin dealer.
The Mania SCX500 has three operating modes:
Music trig: In this mode, lighting effects are triggered by music intensity.
Auto trig: In this mode, lighting effects are triggered automatically.
Both music trig and auto trig modes can be used in:
• Single fixture operation, where a Mania SCX500 operates
• Master/slave operation, where one fixture sends signals to others via a
data link so that all fixtures perform an identical light show.
DMX mode: In this mode, fixtures can be controlled using a DMX
controller on the data link.
Fixtures need to be in DMX mode to operate as slaves in master/slave


Once the fixture has reset after powering on, if the fixture is in DMX mode
its DMX address will appear in the display. The Mania SCX500 is factory-
set to DMX mode with the DMX address set to 001.
Mania SCX500 user manual
1 1 0
will appear in the display.

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