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Dmx Controller Operation - Martin Mania SCX500 User Manual

Mania scx500
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When a fixture is set as master, it remembers this setting when it is
powered off. This means that it will still be set as master the next time it is
powered on.
D M X c o n t r o l l e r o p e r a t i o n
Setting 8- or 6- ch annel DMX mode
The Mania SCX500 can run in two DMX modes: 8-channel and 6-channel
mode. The 2 extra channels in 8-channel mode allow you to control the
speed of mirror movement (channel 7) as well as gobo and color wheel
movement (channel 8), but 6-channel mode can be useful if your DMX
controller only has 6 faders, of if your controller has 12 faders and you
want to control two fixtures. The Mania SCX500 is supplied in 8-channel
mode by default.
To toggle between 8- and 6-channel DMX modes:
1. Apply power to the fixture and wait for
the fixture to reset.
2. Hold the Mode button pressed in. After
5 seconds the display will blink. You are
now in the control menu. Keeping the
Mode button pressed in, press the
X100 button repeatedly, until
on the left of the display.
• If the display blinks
is in 8-channel mode.
• If the display blinks
is in 6-channel mode.
3. Keeping the Mode button pressed in, press the X1 button to toggle
between 8- and 6-channel mode.
4. Release the Mode button to save the setting and exit the control menu.
Setting DMX addresses for DMX operation
If you intend to use a DMX controller, you will need to set the DMX
address for each fixture. The DMX address, also known as the start
channel, is the first channel used to receive instructions from the
controller. It is set using the three addressing buttons on the Mania
SCX500's control panel.
1 1
, the fixture
1 2
, the fixture
DMX Address
Mode button

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