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Focus Adjustment; Creating A Data Link For Dmx And Master/Slave Operation - Martin Mania SCX500 User Manual

Mania scx500
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6. Loosen the swivel locks and tilt the fixture to the desired angle. Turn the
swivel locks clockwise to tighten. Check that both swivel locks are tight
and that the fixture is securely clamped in position.
F o c u s a d j u s t m e n t
The focus adjustment screw is next to the lens aperture. Do not confuse it
with the cover release screw.
adjustment knob
Do not look directly into the light beam while adjusting the focus.
C r e a t i n g a d a t a l i n k f o r D M X a n d
m a s t e r / s l a v e o p e r a t i o n
You need a serial data link to run identical light shows on two or more
Mania SCX500s (master/slave operation) or run light shows using a DMX
Fixtures on a serial data link must be daisy-chained in one single line,
max. 500 meters (1640 ft.) long, with max. 32 fixtures. If you wish to
exceed 32 fixtures or 500 meters, or to add branches, use an optically
isolated amplifier-splitter such as the Martin RS-485 Opto-Splitter (P/N
Reliable data connection requires suitable cable. Standard microphone
cable cannot transmit DMX data reliably over long runs. For best results,
use cable with at least one twisted pair specifically designed for RS-485
Mania SCX500 user manual
Lamp module
cover release

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