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Inter-Tel AXXESS 8500 User Manual: What You See And Hear

8000 series.
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As you can see, your 8500 Phone and telephone system come equipped with a lot of
"bells and whistles." To help you understand what everything means, it is recom-
mended that you read the following information before you use your phone:
Your telephone system may be programmed for one or two dial tones. Systems
with two dial tones have one for intercom calls and one for outside calls.
Many features "time out" if you wait too long before performing the next step. If
this happens, you must hang up and start again.
If you hear four fast tones or repeating fast tones, you have pressed an invalid
button combination, tried to select a restricted line, dialed a restricted or invalid
number, dialed too slowly between digits, or waited too long before performing
the next step. Hang up and try again.
Some phone models have red/green lamps in the feature buttons. Green indicates
a call is ringing, holding, or active on your phone. Red means the call is on
another phone. If the buttons only light red, either your phone does not have the
green lamps, or the system is not programmed to support the two lamp colors.
directly to your phone.
The button lamps may be solidly lit or flashing to indicate the status of a call or
feature. To avoid confusion, this guide uses different icons to signify that a lamp
is unlit (
"Off-hook" means that either the handset is lifted or the speakerphone is on (
lit). "On-hook" indicates that the handset is in the cradle or the speakerphone is
off. For example, you must first go "off-hook" to make a call, but you must go
"on-hook" to end a call.
If the
tory or entering a message, you are in alphanumeric mode, which allows you to
enter letters. If the
are in numeric mode and can only enter numbers and special characters.
"Handsfree" mode indicates that a call is connected through the speakerphone
(i.e., you don't have to lift the handset to speak). While in handsfree mode, you
can make or receive calls.
Your phone may be programmed to always use red lamps for calls ringing
), lit, (
), or flashing (
button and the Message Indicator lamp are lit when using a direc-
button and the Message Indicator lamp are unlit, you
Model 8500 Phone User Guide



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