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[Adjustment standard]
When the feed dog is its highest position, the feed dog height from the needle plate A surface must be 0.9 to 1.1mm.
[Adjustment procedure]
1. Turn the pulley by hand to raise the feed dog to its highest position.
2. Remove the needle plate B, the needle plate A and the presser feed holder, then loosen the M5 nut.
3. Temporarily attach the needle plate A.
4. Turn the vertical adjuster screw assy. with the hex wrench (2.5mm), to adjust the feed dog height from the needle
plate A surface to 0.9 to 1.1mm.
5. Tighten the M5 nut (Do not turn the vertical adjuster screw assy.).
6. When the feed dog is its lowest position, check that the feed dog is 0.3mm or more below the upper surface of the
needle plate A.
• When the feed dog is too high/low, abnormal noise, feed problems may happen.
Hex wrench
4 - 20

Feed dog height

M5 nut
Vertical adjuster
screw assy.
A (10 : 1)
Feed dog height gauge
Needle plate A
Needle plate A
Feed dog height gauge
Feed dog highest point
0.9 - 1.1mm
Feed dog lowest point
0.3mm or more


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