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HP 166207-B21 - Smart Array 5302/32 RAID Controller Reference Manual Page 81

Smart array controllers configuring arrays.
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RebuildPriority, ExpandPriority
This option has three possible values: Low, Medium, and High.
There are two settings for this option: Enable and Disable. If you do not specify a value for the SSP State,
the existing setting remains unchanged.
such as the MSA1000 or the Smart Array Cluster Storage controllers. RA4x00 controllers
support SSP that is enabled on a logical drive basis, and use the LogicalDriveSSPState option
("LogicalDriveSSPState" on page 84) instead.
If you enable SSP, you must also specify an adapter for one or more logical drives by using the
SSPAdaptersWithAccess option ("SSPAdaptersWithAccess" on page 85). Otherwise, SSP is automatically
Enter a number between 1 and 30 to specify the duration of the surface scan delay in seconds.
Video performance options
To optimize the controller performance for video, set values for the following options as indicated:
DPOEnable = No
ElevatorSortEnable = Yes
IRPEnable = No
In addition:
Set the MNPDelay to any integer value from 1 to 60 (units are minutes). If you want to disable this
option, set a value of zero instead.
Set the QueueDepth to any integer value from 2 to 32, or to Auto.
Array category
The Array category has the following options:
Array (on page 81)
Drive (on page 82)
DriveType (on page 82)
OnlineSpare (on page 82)
Enter a letter or pair of letters to identify the array that is to be created or reconfigured, and observe these
additional limitations:
In Configure mode, ACU creates a new array. The value that you specify for the array option must
be the next available letter or pair of letters in the sequence, according to the number of existing
arrays on the controller. AA follows Z, and BA follows AZ.
The SSPState option is valid only for controllers that enable SSP on a controller basis,
HP Array Configuration Utility 81


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