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HP 166207-B21 - Smart Array 5302/32 RAID Controller Reference Manual Page 60

Smart array controllers configuring arrays.
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Example commands:
=> set target ctrl slot=3
=> clear target
Typical scenario
First, set a target as follows:
=> set target ctrl ch="Lab 4"
=> show target
controller chassisname="Lab 4"
As an example of how the set target command works, check the status of array A on this controller:
=> array A show
MSA1000 at Lab 4
array A
Interface Type: Parallel SCSI
Unused Space: 7949 MB
Status: OK
Note that the controller does not need to be specified because it is currently the set target.
Now clear the target, reset it, and enter a few commands for the new set target:
=> clear target
=> set target ctrl slot=3
=> array A add drives=1:7,1:8,1:9
=> array B add spares=1:10,1:11
=> ctrl slot=4 ld 3 modify ss=64
=> modify rp=high
This sequence includes a command for a different target (the controller in slot 4) as a demonstration. Note
that the next command in the sequence (the one for modifying the rebuild priority) applies to the controller
in slot 3, not the one in slot 4. This is because the command does not specify a <target> for the rebuild
priority, so the default set target is used instead.
Identifying devices
You can enter a command that causes the LEDs on target devices to flash, enabling you to identify the
devices. The LEDs continue to flash until you enter the command to stop them flashing.
<target> modify led=on|off
Example commands:
=> ctrl ch="Lab 4" modify led=on
=> ctrl ch="Lab 4" array A modify led=off
Deleting target devices
<target> delete [forced]
where <target> can be a controller, array, or logical drive. Except in the case of controllers, you can
delete several devices simultaneously if they are of similar type by using the all keyword.
Because deleting a target device can result in data loss, the screen displays a warning prompt unless you
include the forced parameter.
Example commands:
HP Array Configuration Utility 60


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