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HP 166207-B21 - Smart Array 5302/32 RAID Controller Reference Manual Page 62

Smart array controllers configuring arrays.
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Entering or deleting a license key
Some advanced configuration tasks (available only on certain controller models) can be performed only
after software is installed on the controller and a license key is registered to activate the software.
<target> add [lk=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx]
where the target is any valid controller. The hyphens are optional.
To delete a license key, use a standard delete command but use the license key (not the controller) as
the target:
<target> delete
Example commands:
=> ctrl slot=5 lk=12345-65432-78787-43434-24680 delete
=> ctrl slot=4 add lk=9876543210222224444466666
Optimizing controller performance for video
On some controller models, you can optimize the controller performance for video.
For this feature to be available, you must install SAAP on the controller and register the SAAP license key.
<target> modify dpo=enable elevatorsort=disable irp=enable
queuedepth=automatic mnpd=60
where the target is any valid controller.
The queuedepth parameter can also have a numerical value from 2 to 32, and the mnpd parameter
can have any value from 0 (disabled) to 60.
To disable the video performance optimization feature, reverse the disable and enable values noted
above, set the queue depth to automatic, and set mnpd to 0, as in the second example command.
Example commands:
=> ctrl slot=5 modify dpo=enable elevatorsort=disable irp=enable
queuedepth=16 mnpd=25
=> ctrl slot=3 modify dpo=disable elevatorsort=enable irp=disable
queuedepth=automatic mnpd=0
Creating a logical drive
<target> create type=ld [parameter=value]
<target> is usually a controller, but it can be an array if you are creating an additional logical drive on
an existing array.
If you want to create a logical drive on a group of physical drives that are not yet assigned to an array,
you do not have to build the array first. In the CLI, unlike in the GUI, the array is created automatically at
the same time as the logical drive.
The standard parameters used when creating a logical drive are described in the following table. If you
do not specify a particular parameter, the CLI uses the appropriate default value.
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