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HP 166207-B21 - Smart Array 5302/32 RAID Controller Reference Manual Page 69

Smart array controllers configuring arrays.
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The first command activates the SSP feature. This action makes all logical drives on the controller
The second command specifies a logical drive and the adapter IDs or connection names that are to
be allowed or denied access to the logical drive.
Explicitly, these commands are as follows:
<target1> modify ssp=on|off [forced]
<target2> modify mask|unmask=#,#,...|all [forced]
where <target1> is a controller, <target2> is a logical drive, and # represents an adapter ID or
connection name.
The CLI normally displays a warning prompt when you activate SSP because all logical drives are being
made inaccessible. To prevent the prompt from appearing (for example, when using this command in a
batch file script), use the forced parameter.
Example commands:
=> ctrl ch="Lab 3" modify ssp=on forced
=> ctrl ch="Lab 4" ld 1 modify mask=210000E08B07A68F
=> ctrl ch="Lab 4" ld all modify unmask="cnxn 3","cnxn 4"
Sample scenario
First, check the SSP status of the controller:
=> ctrl ch="Lab 4" show ssp
A typical screen response could be:
MSA1000 at Lab 4
Adapter ID: 210000E08B07A68F
connectionname: Unknown
Location: Local
Status: Online
Host Mode: Default
Adapter ID: 5034414235583942
connectionname: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Status: Offline
Host Mode: Default
Now activate SSP, and then show the logical drives that are present so that you can determine which
drive to unmask:
=> ctrl ch="Lab 4" modify ssp=on forced
=> ctrl ch="Lab 4" ld all show
MSA1000 at Lab 4
array A
logicaldrive 1 (33.9 GB, RAID 0, OK)
array B
logicaldrive 2 (298 MB, RAID 1+0, OK)
logicaldrive 3 (896 MB, RAID 1+0, OK)
Finally, unmask an adapter ID and then check the SSP status:
=> ctrl ch="Lab 4" ld 1 modify unmask 210000E08B07A68F
=> ctrl ch="Lab 4" show ssp
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