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HP 166207-B21 - Smart Array 5302/32 RAID Controller Reference Manual Page 71

Smart array controllers configuring arrays.
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Setting the preferred path mode
The preferred path mode determines how I/O traffic to the logical drives is managed on controllers that
are in an active/active configuration.
In Automatic mode, the storage system automatically selects a suitable path for I/O traffic to each
logical drive depending on the host I/O patterns at the time. Because the optimum path can vary
with time, I/O traffic for any given logical drive can be directed through either controller.
In Manual mode, all I/O traffic to a given logical drive is directed through a designated controller.
In this case, you must also specify the preferred controller for each logical drive
redundant controller to a logical
<target> modify [preferredpathmode=automatic|manual|?]
where <target> is a redundant controller.
Example command:
controller ch="lab 3" modify ppm=manual
Assigning a redundant controller to a logical drive
When you have set the preferred path mode
redundant system to Manual, you must use the chassisslot command to assign each logical drive in
the system to one of the redundant controllers.
<target> modify [chassisslot=#|?]
where <target> is a valid logical drive on a controller that is in an active/active configuration and #
denotes the chassis slot number of the redundant controller. (To obtain the chassis slot number, use the
show command on the controller.)
Example command:
controller ch="lab 3" ld 1 modify chs=2
Disabling a redundant controller
This command disables a redundant controller that is in an Active-Standby configuration.
<target> modify redundantcontroller=disable
where <target> is a controller that has an enabled redundant controller.
Example command:
=> ctrl ch="redundant Lab4" modify rc=disable
Changing the Rebuild Priority setting
The Rebuild Priority setting determines the urgency with which the controller treats an internal command to
rebuild a failed logical drive.
At the low setting, normal system operations take priority over a rebuild.
drive" on page 71).
("Setting the preferred path
The redundant controller cannot be re-enabled after you have disabled it.
("Assigning a
mode" on page 71) in a
HP Array Configuration Utility 71


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