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Quick Search Functions; Searching For Songs; Rewind & Fast Forward; Shuttle Playback Function (Cue/Review) - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Quick Search Functions

This chapter explains the quick search functions.

Searching for Songs

The [
except when recording. The [
the [
button is pressed in the middle of a song, the beginning of that song is located.
When the SONG SEARCH buttons are used during playback, the song is located and then
playback continues. When they are used in Stop mode, the song is located and then Pause
mode is engaged.
Rewind & Fast Forward
There are two fast forward/rewind functions that allow you to jump to the position you need.
Both are available at all times, except when the CURSOR shuttle and DATA dial are used for
setting values or selecting settings (i.e., when the PITCH, ADJUST, EDIT, or UTILITY indi-
cator lights).

Shuttle Playback Function (Cue/Review)

The outer rim of the CURSOR shuttle/DATA dial (which we have come to call the CURSOR
shuttle) allows you to fast forward or rewind at different speeds during playback. During this
operation, the material on disc remains audible (which is why these functions are also called
Cue and Review). The position of the CURSOR shuttle determines the Cue or Review speed
(the speed value will appear on the display):
Fast forward (during playback): CUE
Normal speed
CUE x0.5
Rewind (during playback): REVIEW
Normal speed
1. Press the [PLAY] button to start playback.
2. Turn the CURSOR shuttle to the right to fast forward/temporarily
increase the playback speed.
The display shows the value of the selected CUE speed (see the above illustration).
] and [
] SONG SEARCH buttons can be used for locating songs at any time
] SONG SEARCH button locates the next song. When the [
CUE x2
For 0.5x cue, turn the shuttle up to 2x or higher and then back to the
0.5x position.
REV x2
REV x4
] SONG SEARCH button locates the previous song and
CUE x4
CUE x8
REV x8
Quick Search Functions
CUE x16
CUE x32
REV x16
REV x32
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