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Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual page 63

Multitrack md recorder
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4. Use the DATA dial to adjust the marker and the [PLAY] and the CURSOR
shuttle to audition the new marker position.
The marker can be moved in 86-frame steps to a new position within the 10 seconds of sound
data loaded into memory. If you want to move the marker to a position beyond this range,
you must use the Adjust function several times. You cannot move a marker beyond the pre-
vious or next marker.
5. Press the [ENTER] button to store the new position (the message on the
display once again reads MARK X: ADJST ).
Press the [EXIT] button if you don't want to store the new marker position.
6. When you've finished, press the [EXIT] or [ADJUST] button to leave the
Adjust mode.
7. Press the [TOC WRITE] button to update the TOC with the new marker
Adjusting Markers
MD8—Owner's Manual


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