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Yamaha MD4 Frequently Asked Questions Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Questions and Answers
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  • Page 1 MULTITRACK MD RECORDER Questions and Answers Preview version...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    How quickly can the MD4 locate a point? ....... . .
  • Page 3 Will disc supply continue for years, like cassette tapes? ..... . . 5 Is the MD4 compatible with other manufacturers' discs? ..... . 6 Are there any types of MD data? .
  • Page 4: Why Was Md Selected As Media

    Does the Yamaha MD4 accept a normal MD (Mini Disc)? A normal Mini Disc can be played back, but cannot be recorded on by the MD4. If you insert a normal Mini Disc in a Yamaha MD4, the MD4 will not enter recording mode. (Only...
  • Page 5: What Is Compression? What Is Atrac

    The MD4 handles data compressed to about one-fifth of its size and length of time. In addition, random access capability will locate the playback point immediately for recording. Therefore, the Yamaha MD4 has enough room to record and play back data at the same point in the same channel.
  • Page 6: From The Mini Disc

    18. Does a disc have a front and back side? Yes. You cannot insert a disc upside down. 19. What will happen if a 4TR disc created on the MD4 is inserted into a normal MD ( Mini Disc) player?
  • Page 7: Due To Shock Or Vibration

    The Yamaha MD4 can play back a normal Mini Disc, though the MD4 is an MD data format recorder, which, from the copyright point of view, may confuse customers. We decided not to implement digital outs this time.
  • Page 8: Can You Synchronize Two Or Three Units

    Using these Mark points in any order will allow you to make a Cue List of up to 9 steps. The MD4 plays back data based on this list. Also, the number of repeats can be set for Cue List play.
  • Page 9: Is There Song Copy (Buck Up) Function

    Only one type: 140MB. 40. Where can we buy discs? Since it is currently difficult to obtain discs, Yamaha will purchase SONY MD data discs to supply to the MD4 dealers. 41. Why is an MD Data Disc more expensive than an MD Audio Disc? Due to the relationship between demand and supply, the number of MD Data discs in the market is still small.