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Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual page 10

Multitrack md recorder
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Welcome to the MD8
The convenient MD DATA disc medium requires no formatting before use, and when a
project is complete, simply pop in a new disc and start tracking straightaway.
• Quick location of song start, song end, last recording in/out points, and up to 10 user
mark points per song.
Precise punch in/out with 11-millisecond accuracy.
Auto punch in/out with multiple-take record and select capability (choose the best from
up to 99 takes).
Song editing functions include: Copy, Move, Divide, Combine, Renumber, and Erase.
Track editing functions include: Copy, Erase, Part Copy, and Part Erase.
Songs recorded on the Yamaha MD4 Recorder can be converted to MD8-compatible
8-track songs by using the Copy function, with the option to reorder, erase, or duplicate
Disc and song titling for easy identification.
Repeat modes include One Song, All Song, A-B, and Auto Punch Rehearse.
Cue and review at 0.5x 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, or 32x playback speed (0.5x cue only).
Variable pitch of approximately 12%.
Clear FLD (Fluorescent Display) shows signal levels, mode, status, and Total, Remain-
ing, or Elapsed times, or measures and beats when the MIDI tempo map is used.
MTC (MIDI Timecode) or MIDI Clock (with Tempo Map) output for synchronization
within a MIDI-based system.
MMC (MIDI Machine Control) for remote MD8 control.
Jog and shuttle dial for ease of operation.
For some quick answers about the MD8, see the Q&A Section on page 89.
MD8—Owner's Manual


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