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Dir Method; Monitoring & Recording (Grp & Dir); Listening To The First Track - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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DIR Method

1. Press the REC SELECT [1] button.
The TRK 1 DIR indicator flashes, indicating that track 1 is set to record directly from input
channel 1.
2. Proceed to Monitoring & Recording (GRP & DIR).
Monitoring & Recording (GRP & DIR)
1. Press the MONITOR SELECT [CUE] switch.
2. Set the MONITOR LEVEL control midway.
3. Set the CUE MASTER control midway.
4. Set Channel 1's CUE LEVEL control to the to the 7–8 mark.
5. Raise Channel 1's fader to the 7–8 mark.
6. Press the [REC] button.
You should now be able to hear the sound source and see the signal level on track 1 meter.
If you don't hear anything, recheck the preceding steps.
The REC indicators flash, indicating Record Pause mode.
7. Adjust Channel 1's GAIN control so that the loudest sounds cause the
meter to reach the –3 position. If the meter goes beyond the –3 position
into CLIP, back off the GAIN control a little.
It is important that you set this level correctly to achieve the best sound. Too low a level does
not make full use of the sonic capabilities of your MD8. Too high a level may cause distortion.
Tip: If the level of the sound source varies greatly, making it difficult to find an optimum
setting for the GAIN control, you can use an external compressor to even out the signal
level. A compressor can be patched directly into channel 1 or 2 using INSERT I/O.
The MD8 is now ready to record. All you have to do to start recording is press the [PLAY]
button. So make sure that your music source is ready to go. If you want to cancel Record
Pause mode, press the [STOP] button.
8. Press the [PLAY] button to start recording.
Recording starts and the time counter shows the recording time.
9. Press the [STOP] button to stop recording.
You've now recorded your first track.

Listening to the First Track

1. Press the LAST REC SEARCH [IN] button.
This returns to the point at which recording started. For the first recording, this is always
2. Press the [PLAY] button to start playback.
You should now be able to hear what was recorded. Adjust CUE LEVEL 1 as required. If you
don't hear anything, recheck the preceding steps.
Recording the First Track
MD8—Owner's Manual


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