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Troubleshooting - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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If you're having difficulty operating the MD8 or if it doesn't seem to work as expected, look
up the symptoms in the following table and follow the advice provided.
The MD8 cannot be turned
Cannot listen to a connected
music source!
Cannot record eight tracks!
Cannot record!
The level meters do not
indicate signal levels!
Cannot use the Auto Punch
In/Out function!
Cannot use the Auto Punch
Rehearsal function!
Cannot rehearse!
Recordings play back at the
wrong pitch!
Cannot access the Part Copy
Cannot use the Punch In/Out
or Ping-Pong functions!
Cannot send a channel
signal to the desired AUX
Cannot make a Cue List !
Cannot play the Cue List!
Make sure the power cord is connected to a suitable AC wall outlet
and plugged into the AC IN connector at the rear of the MD8.
Make sure that the MD8 POWER switch is set to the ON position.
If you still cannot turn on your MD8, contact your Yamaha dealer.
Make sure that the [FLIP] switch is set to MIC/LINE. Raise the input
channel fader. Assign the input channel to a track using the GROUP
ASSIGN switches. Press the corresponding MONITOR SELECT
GROUP switch. Turn up the MONITOR LEVEL control.
Make sure that you are using an MD DATA disc, not a MiniDisc.
Make sure the disc's write protect tab is set to unprotect.
Be sure to press a [REC SELECT] button to select a track for record-
ing. Also, check whether you have selected the DIR or GRP recording
mode. In the latter case, you need to assign the input signal to the
group that can be accessed by the track you want to record to.
Use the CUE monitor controls to see if the signal is actually being
sent to the track.
Normally, the level meters indicate disc signal levels. To see the
recording level you must press the [REC] button to engage Record
Pause mode and press the corresponding [REC SELECT] button.
With no disc loaded the meters indicate group signal levels.
You must set the LAST REC IN and OUT points to access this func-
Select a track for recording.
You cannot rehearse the first recording on a blank disc or blank area.
Record something first, then use the Rehearse function.
You may have adjusted the pitch prior to recording a track. Reset the
pitch as required.
You must set the LAST REC IN and OUT points to access this func-
If a song was edited on another MD device, the MD8 may not be
able to use these functions. In this case, try copying the song with
the Song Copy function and then try and edit the copy.
Songs recorded on other MD equipment may be protected by the
SCMS protection system. In this case, editing is not allowed.
As well as turn up the AUX control you must raise the channel fader.
This is because the AUX SEND signal is sourced post-fader (i.e., after
the fader).
Make sure that the selected song contains some markers.
Make sure not all steps in the Cue List are set for zero repeats (n=0).
Make sure that cues are entered in the correct order (e.g., "s–>e" or
"3–>4", not "e–>s" or "4–>3").
MD8—Owner's Manual


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