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Buying Discs For The Md8; Md8 Toc - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Buying Discs for the MD8

It's important that you buy the correct type of disc for use with your MD8. For 8-track
recording and playback, you must use MD DATA discs. Regular MiniDiscs can only be used
for 2-track recording and playback (2TR mode).
MD DATA discs are used as a storage media for computers. The MD8 uses the MD DATA
audio format to store data on them. Regular MiniDiscs are also referred to as MD discs,
although they are used only for music.
New MD DATA discs do not require formatting before use with the MD8. Discs that have
been used to store computer data, however, must first be formatted. See Erasing Discs on
page 62.
Regular MiniDisc decks cannot play MD DATA discs.
Regular MiniDiscs recorded on the MD8 can be played on a regular MiniDisc deck.
MiniDisc recordings made on a regular MiniDisc deck can be edited on the MD8. MiniDiscs
containing songs that were digitally copied from a commercial CD, however, cannot be
edited due to the SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) protection system.


TOC refers to the Table Of Contents area on a disc. The TOC contains information about
what is recorded on the disc, the disc title, song titles, and so on. The TOC EDIT indicator
lights up when the TOC needs to be updated, usually after a new recording or edit. You must
update the TOC before ejecting a disc or turning off the MD8. It's also a good idea to update
the TOC at regular intervals just in case of a power failure. Failure to update the TOC can
result in data being lost. For example, if you record something but do not update the TOC,
your data will be lost if the MD8 is inadvertently turned off, the power cord accidentally dis-
connected, or a power failure occurs.
Note: If you press the EJECT button while TOC EDIT is shown on the display, the disc
will not eject. Press [TOC WRITE] (STOP) to update the TOC, and then eject the disc.
MD DATA discs are for computer data storage
applications. You can purchase them at com-
puter stores. This is the type of disc you should
buy for 8-track recording and playback with your
MD8. Note that there are two types available:
playback only and rewritable . Buy the rewritable
MiniDiscs are used only for music. Two types are
available: playback only and recordable . The MD8
can record up to two tracks on the recordable
type and play the playback only type.
Buying Discs for the MD8
MD8—Owner's Manual


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