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Quick Search Functions; Searching For Songs; Searching By Time; Searching For The Last Rec In And Out Points - Yamaha MD4 Owner's Manual

Yamaha multitrack md recorder owner's manual
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Quick Search Functions

Quick Search Functions
This chapter explains the quick search functions.

Searching for Songs

The [
songs. The [
SEARCH button locates the next song. When the [
the middle of a song, the beginning of that song is located.
When the SONG SEARCH buttons are used during playback, the song is located and then play-
back continues. When they are used in Stop mode, the song is located and then Pause mode is

Searching by Time

You can locate specific points within a song or disc by entering the exact time position in minutes
and seconds. When the time counter is set to either ELAPSE or REMAIN, a point within the
current song can be located. When the time counter is set to TOTAL, a point on the entire disc
can be located.
1. In Stop or Pause mode, press the [–] and [+] DATA buttons together.
The time counter digits flash.
2. Use the [–] and [+] DATA buttons to enter a time.
Press the [–] and [+] DATA buttons together to reset the time to 00:00.
3. Press the [PLAY] button.
The specified time is located and playback starts.
To locate to the specified point and have MD4 wait in Pause mode, press the [ENTER] button
instead of the [PLAY] button.

Searching for the Last Rec IN and OUT Points

When you record or rehearse, the start and end points of the recording are automatically stored
as the LAST REC IN and OUT points. When the IN and OUT points have been set, IN and OUT
appear on the display. You can use the LAST REC SEARCH [IN] and [OUT] buttons to locate
these points. This is useful for checking these points. You can adjust the position of the IN and
OUT points in one frame steps. See Adjusting Markers on page 38 for more information. The
IN and OUT points are not remembered when a disc is ejected or MD4 is turned off.
The LAST REC IN and OUT points are used with the Auto Punch In/Out function and the Off
Line Punch function. See Auto Punch In/Out on page 24 and Track-to-Track Copy on page 47,

Searching for Markers

The [ ] and [ ] MARK SEARCH buttons are used to search for markers within a song. The
[ ] MARK SEARCH button locates the previous marker and the [ ] MARK SEARCH button
locates the next marker. For a song with no markers inserted, you can only locate to the Start
and End markers.
MD4—Owner's Manual
] and [
] SONG SEARCH buttons can be used at any time except recording to locate
] SONG SEARCH button locates the previous song and the [
] SONG SEARCH button is pressed in



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