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Adjusting Markers - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Adjusting Markers

Once inserted, markers can be finely adjusted in one-frame steps. This also applies to the
LAST REC IN and OUT points (they double as Punch In and Out points). The Start and
End markers cannot be adjusted.
1. Press the [ADJUST] button.
The display shows MARK X: ADJST ("X" being the number of the Marker whose number
is flashing on the display at the time when you press [ADJUST]).
2. Use the DATA dial to select the marker that you want to adjust.
IN and OUT refer to the LAST REC IN and OUT points.
3. Press the [ENTER] button.
The display shows ADJST Load. and about ten seconds of sound data (about five seconds
on either side) of the marker is loaded into memory for quick playback.
When loading is complete, the sound data can be played from about 1.5 seconds before the
marker to about 1.5 seconds after the marker, as shown below.
The 1.5 seconds of sound data before the marker is played at a lower volume level, so you
can hear exactly where the marker occurs. To play the first 1.5 seconds at normal volume
and the remaining sound data at a lower level, turn the CURSOR shuttle to the left. You can
toggle between these two playback modes by turning the CURSOR shuttle to the left, or
right. Each time you do so the sound data is played.
MD8—Owner's Manual
1.5 sec
1.5 sec
10 seconds of sound data loaded into memory
Playback Volume
Marker Position
Marker Position


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