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Mixdown - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Mixdown is the final technique in multitrack recording. Here you mix the sounds from all
eight tracks, with EQ and effects to create a balanced stereo signal that is recorded to a stereo
master recorder, such as a DAT, MiniDisc, or cassette tape deck.
1. Make sure that all [GROUP ASSIGN] switches are off, including the
2. Turn off the MONITOR SELECT [CUE] switch.
3. Set the [FLIP] switch on each input channel to PB.
4. Set the PAN control on each input channel to its center position.
5. Set the fader on each input channel and the STEREO fader to the 7–8
6. Press the MONITOR SELECT [STEREO] switch and set the MONITOR
LEVEL control midway.
7. Use the Song Search buttons to locate the start of the song.
If the LAST REC IN point is still 00:00, you can use the LAST REC SEARCH [IN] button.
Alternatively, you can use the MARK SEARCH buttons.
8. Press the [PLAY] button to start playback.
You should now be able to hear all your tracks. If you don't hear anything, recheck the pre-
ceding steps.
9. Mix and refine your music as follows:
Balancing Levels—Use the input channel faders to balance the levels of the eight tracks.
Pan—Use the PAN controls to position sounds between the left and right speakers.
EQ—Use the three-band EQ to shape the tone of each track.
Applying Effects—Use the AUX 1/2 and LINE INPUTs 9–10 and 11–12 to patch in an
external effects processor. See Applying Effects on page 48 for more information.
See Mixdown on page 88 for a more detailed look at mixdown techniques.
10. Record the Final Mix to your stereo master recorder.
That's it! You've completed your first session with the MD8.
MD8—Owner's Manual


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