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Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual page 33

Multitrack md recorder
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4. Set the input channel and STEREO faders to the 7–8 mark, and set the
CUE LEVEL controls midway.
5. Set the [CUE MIX TO STEREO] switch to ON.
6. Press the MONITOR SELECT [STEREO] switch and set the MONITOR
LEVEL control to an appropriate level.
7. Set the STEREO fader to the 7–8 mark.
8. Press the SONG SEARCH [
9. Press the [PLAY] button to start playback.
You can now mix the disc and MIC/LINE signals.
10. Mix and refine your music as described on page 21.
You cannot use EQ and effects with the signals that are assigned to the CUE controls. You
could, however, connect an external equalizer or effects processor between the sound source
and the MD8 input. If you are using the MIC/LINE inputs to connect MIDI-controlled
instruments, such as tone generators, synthesizers, and samplers, you can use the EQ and
effects functions built into these devices.
11. Record the final mix to your stereo master recorder.
Multi-Source Mixing
] button to return to the 00:00 position.
MD8—Owner's Manual


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