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Package Contents - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Allow a distance of 10 cm between the unit and the wall so that heat generated from the unit
will be released effectively. Also, allow enough space between the unit and other devices. If
you mount the unit in an audio rack, keep a space of 10 cm to the side panel. Remove the
rear panel of the rack or open a vent hole. If heat release is inadequate, the unit will retain
heat inside the unit, which may cause a fire.
The MD8 uses high-frequency digital circuits that may cause interference on radios and tele-
visions placed close to it. If interference does occur, relocate the affected equipment.
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Package Contents

The MD8 package should contain the following items. Make sure that you have them all.
MD8 Multitrack MD Recorder
AC power cord
This Owner's Manual
Contact your Yamaha dealer if something is missing.
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MD8—Owner's Manual


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