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Erasing Markers - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Erasing Markers

1. Press the [ADJUST] button.
The display shows MAR X: ADJST .
2. Use the DATA dial to select the marker that you want to erase.
3. Turn the CURSOR shuttle to the right to make the ADJST message flash.
4. Use the DATA dial to select CLEAR.
The display shows MARK X: CLEAR .
5. Press the [ENTER] button
The display shows CLR MARK X?
6. Press the [ENTER] button to erase the marker.
The marker is erased and existing subsequent markers are renumbered, as shown below.
Before Erase
After Erase
If you decide you do not want to erase the selected marker after all, press the [EXIT] button
7. When you've finished, press the [ADJUST] or [EXIT] button.
8. Press the [TOC WRITE] button to update the TOC.
MD8—Owner's Manual
Marker to be erased


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