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Overdubbing - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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The First Session


Overdubbing is the technique used to record new sounds to empty tracks while listening to
the sounds already recorded on other tracks. The following overdubbing procedure can be
used to record to Tracks 2–8, and you can use the GRP or DIR method, the latter method is
used in this procedure.
1. On the input channel previously used for recording, set the fader to zero,
and set the GROUP ASSIGN switches to OFF.
2. Press the REC SELECT [1] button so as not to overwrite that track.
The flashing dot disappears.
3. Press the LAST REC SEARCH [IN] button.
This returns to the point at which recording started.
4. Connect a sound source to MIC/LINE INPUT 2–8.
5. If you connect a line-level source, set the GAIN control to LINE (i.e., fully
counterclockwise). If you connect a microphone, set the GAIN control
midway. The GAIN control is adjusted again later on in this procedure.
6. Set the [FLIP] switch to MIC/LINE.
7. Set the channel's CUE LEVEL control to the to the 7–8 mark.
8. Raise the Channel's fader to the 7–8 mark.
9. Press the [REC SELECT] button of the track that you want to record.
The DIR indicator for that channel flashes.
10. Press the [REC] button.
The REC indicators flash, indicating Record Pause mode. The track meter shows the signal
level, and you should be able to hear the signal source.
Note: You could press the [REHE] button instead to rehearse the overdub.
11. Adjust the GAIN control on the input channel so that the loudest sounds
cause the meter to reach the –3 position. If the meter goes beyond the
–3 position into CLIP, back off the GAIN control a little.
12. Press the [PLAY] button to start recording (or Rehearsal).
Recording (or Rehearsal) starts and the time counter shows the recording time.
13. Use the input channel CUE LEVEL controls to balance levels with the
tracks already recorded.
14. Press the [STOP] button to stop recording (or Rehearsal).
15. Press the LAST REC SEARCH [IN] button.
This returns to the point at which recording (or Rehearsal) started.
16. Press the [PLAY] button to play back what you've recorded.
If you just rehearsed the overdub, there won't be anything to play back yet.
Repeat this procedure until you've recorded all tracks. Then you're ready for mixdown.
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