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Using Mtc; Setting The Md8 For Mtc Operation; Setting The Midi Sequencer; Mtc Cabling Note - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Using MTC

Setting the MD8 for MTC Operation

1. Press the [UTILITY] button and use the DATA dial to select the MIDI Sync
2. Press the [ENTER] button.
The display shows Sync OFF .
3. Use the DATA dial to select MTC (MIDI Timecode).
Sync MTC appears on the display and the MTC indicator to the left of the topmost line
4. Press the [ENTER] button.
5. Press the [EXIT] or [UTILITY] button to leave the Utility mode.
The MD8 is now ready for synchronized operation.
When MTC is on, the MD8 stops playback at the end of each song. MTC is turned off auto-
matically if the Cue List or Program Play function is used.
The MD8 generates MTC at 30 frames/second.

Setting the MIDI Sequencer

The MIDI sequencer must be set to receive and synchronize to MIDI Timecode at 30
frames/second. Refer to your MIDI sequencer's user manual for more information.

MTC Cabling Note

The illustration on page 74 shows the MIDI cable from the MD8 connecting to a dedicated
MTC input on the MIDI sequencer. That's because MTC is best kept separate from normal
MIDI data. If your MIDI sequencer does not have a dedicated MTC input, however, you may
be able to merge the MTC signal with other MIDI data and connect that to the MIDI
sequencer's normal MIDI input. If your MIDI data is very busy (i.e., contains a lot of
real-time Control Changes), however, you may experience synchronization delay problems.
For reliable operation, keep normal MIDI data and MTC separate.
Using MTC
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