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Multi Take Auto Punch In/Out - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Multi Take Auto Punch In/Out

As previously mentioned, Multi Take Punch In/Out means that you can record several ver-
sions of the same excerpt, audition them, decide which one you like best, and then discard
the remaining Takes. You need to set the Punch In and Punch Out points for Multi Take Auto
Punch In/Out (see page 32).
So long as there is enough disc space (i.e., a large enough blank area), you can record up to
99 takes.
Note: If you still have a blank track left, it may be a good idea to copy the track you want
to work on before continuing (see Copying Parts on page 71). That way, you can still return
to the original version after assigning one of the takes to your track.
Rehearsing Auto Punch (Multi Take)
1. Press the [REC SELECT] button (or [GROUP] + [REC SELECT]) of the track
that you want to record.
A dot flashes above the corresponding track indicator.
2. Press the [AUTO PUNCH I/O] button.
3. Select the Auto Punch In mode (Multi Take) with the DATA dial and press
The display now reads TAKE 1 Load . Next, the Pre-Roll point is located automatically.
The REHE indicators flash and the display shows TAKE 1 Rehe . The AUTO PUNCH IN
and OUT indicators appear. This is Multi Take Auto Punch Rehearse Standby mode.
If you're monitoring the track via CUE, you'll hear the signal that is assigned to the selected
If you want to rehearse the Auto Punch In/Out repeatedly, press the [REPEAT] button.
REPEAT appears on the display.
4. Press the [PLAY] button to start the Auto Punch In/Out sequence.
Playback starts and the PLAY indicators light up. The REHE indicators continue to flash,
indicating Play Rehearse Wait mode.
At the specified IN point, punch in occurs (i.e., rehearsal starts). The REHE indicators stop
flashing and light up continuously. The IN indicator disappears.
If you're monitoring the track via CUE, you'll hear the existing sounds playback until the
IN point, after which you'll hear the new sound that's going to be recorded (we're not record-
ing anything in Rehearse mode, of course).
At the specified OUT point, punch out occurs (i.e., rehearsal stops). The REHE indicators
go out and the OUT indicator disappears.
Playback continues up to the Post-Roll point. Then the Pre-Roll point is located automati-
cally, and the MD8 waits in Auto Punch Rehearse Standby mode. You can press the [PLAY]
button again for another rehearsal or move on to the next section to perform the Auto Punch
In/Out for real.
If you pressed the [REPEAT] button in Step 2, the MD8 will rehearse the Auto Punch In/Out
repeatedly until you press the [STOP] button. See the illustration on page 34 for a graphic
overview of the sequence but substitute MULTI TAKE for SINGLE TAKE .
Auto Punch In/Out
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