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Program Playback - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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Repeat, Cue List & Program Play

Program Playback

The Program Play function allows you to compile a program of songs for custom playback.
The Program may contain up to 36 steps.
1. Press the [UTILITY] button and use the DATA dial to select the PRG Play
2. Press the [ENTER] button.
The display shows EDIT Prog .
3. Use the DATA dial to select EDIT or NEW.
EDIT allows you to edit the current Program. NEW resets the Program. If you haven't yet
created a Program, select EDIT (not NEW).
4. Press the [ENTER] button.
The display shows s1: (the lower case "s" means that the Program is being edited).
5. Use the CURSOR shuttle to select steps and the DATA dial to select a song
for each step.
To reset a step, select " * " .
6. When you've set all the required steps, press the [ENTER] button.
The display shows S1: X¬ Y and the MD8 waits in Pause mode (the upper case "S" indi-
cates that the Program can be or is being played).
7. Press the [PLAY] button to start Program playback.
The songs play back in the order specified in the Program.
8. Use the [
Program and the [PAUSE] button to pause playback.
To stop playback, press the [STOP] button.
When Program Playback is paused, selecting the TOTAL Time Counter mode allows you to
search for a specific point within the Program. See Locating Specific Points on page 52 for
more information.
Program Play settings are stored when the MD8 is turned off.
MD8—Owner's Manual
S1: Song 3
S2: Song 5
S3: Song 2
S4: Song 9
S5: Song 1
S6: Song 7
S7: Song 6
S8: Song 4
S9: Song 9
] and [
] SONG SEARCH buttons to select other steps in the


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