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Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual page 41

Multitrack md recorder
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Another way of setting the Punch In and Out points on the fly is by using the [SET] and
LAST REC SEARCH buttons (also labelled [IN] and [OUT]). Doing so has the advantage
that you do not need to select a track for recording beforehand:
1. Locate to a position before the point at which you want to punch in.
2. Hold down the [SET] button (to the right of the LAST REC SEARCH pair).
3. At the point where you wish to set the Punch In point, press the LAST
REC SEARCH [IN] button (you can also do so while playback is stopped).
The display now briefly shows the message MARK IN .
4. Keep holding down [SET] and press LAST REC SEARCH [OUT] at the point
where you wish to set the Punch Out marker.
The display now briefly shows the message MARK OUT . Again, the Punch Out point can
also be set while the MD8 is stopped or paused. These points are also available for quick loca-
tion, i.e., press LAST REC SEARCH [IN] to locate to the previously set Punch In position,
or [OUT] to locate to the Punch Out position.
The above procedures can also be used to set the IN and OUT points for use with the Part
Copy function. See Copying Parts on page 71 for more information.
Setting the Punch In/Out points by specifying the time or measure
If you know exactly where you want to punch in and out, you can use the CURSOR shut-
tle/DATA dial to locate to the desired points and then hold down [SET] while pressing LAST
REC SEARCH [IN] or [OUT] (see above for details). Using the [DISPLAY] button, the dis-
play can be configured to show measure and beat numbers rather than time values. Selecting
the desired measures/beats with the CURSOR shuttle/DATA dial and then specifying the
Punch In and Out points may be a very convenient way of setting the Punch In/Out points.
Auto Punch In/Out
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