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Due To Shock Or Vibration; The Unit Employs A Magneto-Optical System. Is It Ok To Place The Unit On A Tv; How Quickly Can The Md4 Locate A Point; What Is Song Search - Yamaha MD4 Frequently Asked Questions Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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20. Does the unit have any protection against skipping sounds due to
shock or vibration?
Buffering memory is equipped for continuous playback. It holds about 10 seconds of data.
21. The unit employs a magneto-optical system. Is it OK to place the unit
on a TV?
The disc can be re-recorded based on the opto-thermal magnetic recording. A point on a disc
is heated by a laser beam above the Curie temperature and then applied to a magnetic field
to overwrite the data. Therefore, simply applying an external magnetic field does not modify
the MD data.

22. How quickly can the MD4 locate a point?

The random access/quick locate facility, like a CD player, cannot be allowed on a tape-based

23. What is SONG Search?

It is equivalent to the Track Search function on CD players that locates the beginning of a
24. Is the Repeat operation continued endlessly, or stopped after a given
number of repetitions?
It will continue endlessly until you press the STOP key.

25. Is it necessary to format the Mini Disc?

No. Formatting is not required. This is convenient.


26. Why does the Yamaha MD4 have no digital outputs?

A normal Mini Disc player adopts the SCMS (Serial Copy Management System), and
creating a second-generation digital copy is prohibited. The Yamaha MD4 can play back a
normal Mini Disc, though the MD4 is an MD data format recorder, which, from the copyright
point of view, may confuse customers. We decided not to implement digital outs this time.

27. Is the mixer section digital?

It is analog.



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