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Moving Songs - Yamaha MD8 Owner's Manual

Multitrack md recorder
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4. Press [ENTER] to renumber the songs.
After renumbering the songs, the display will briefly show TOC Write to signal that the
TOC is being updated.
Note: On the MD8, songs are recorded contiguously (i.e., there are no gaps between them).
Other MD recorders, however, may record songs non-contiguously (i.e., scattered across
a disc). In this case, songs cannot be renumbered.

Moving Songs

The Song Move function allows you to move a song to a blank area. Doing so means that
you create a blank area on disc that can be used for adding material to the previous song.
Song Move also helps you reorganize the blanks on a disc. If the first item on a disc is a blank
area, it can indeed be selected using the SONG SEARCH [
not be the first item that appears on the display when you press one of these buttons.
To get a clearer idea of how the material is organized on disc, you may want to use the Disc
Info function (see page 61).
Here is what happens when you use the Song Move operation:
Before Song Move
Song 1
After Song Move
Song 1
In other words: the selected blank area and song are swapped. To create a blank after Song
1 (so that you can add a few choruses, etc.), do the opposite, i.e., move Song 3 in the second
example to the Blank 1 position.
Note: Moving a song that's only a few seconds in length may not extend the blank area.
This is a limitation of the MD disc format.
1. Press [EDIT] to call up the Edit menu.
2. Use the DATA dial to select the Song Move function.
The display now shows Move X? (where "X" is the number of the selected song).
Note: Though you can also select " * ", this effectively means nothing has been selected so
that the Song Move function cannot be executed.
3. Press the [ENTER] button.
If the disc contains more than one blank, the display now reads Move to B1 .
4. Use the DATA dial to select the blank you want to move the selected song
5. Press [ENTER] again.
The display now shows Move EXE?
6. Press [ENTER] once more to move the song to the new position.
Press the [EXIT] button to cancel.
After moving the song, the MD8 automatically updates the TOC ( Writing TOC ) and
jumps to the beginning of this song.
Blank 1
Song 2
Song 2
Song 3
Moving Songs
] and [
] buttons, yet it will
Song 3
Blank 2
Blank 1
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