Cleaning, Care And Maintenance; Service; Disposal - AEG 10616 Instructions For Use Manual

Microprocessor charger
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Clean clamps after every charging. To prevent
corrosion, wipe off any battery fluid which may
have come into contact with the clamps.
Carefully wind the cable when storing the device.
This will help prevent accidental damage to the
cable and the device.
Clean the product with a soft, dry cloth.
Store the machine in a clean, dry place.
Only qualified technical personnel should change
the plug or the connecting cables. This will gua-
rantee the safety of the device is maintained. If the
product is no longer suitable for use dispose of it in
an environmentally friendly manner in accordance
with your local ordinances.


Should you have any questions regarding com-
missioning or operating in spite of studying these
operating instructions, or if a problem should occur
against all expectations, please get in contact with
your specialist supplier.


The packaging consists of non-contaminating mate-
rials that you can dispose of at your local recycling
Do not throw electrical appliances in with
domestic waste!
In accordance with European Directive 2012/19/
EC for waste electrical and electronic equipment
(WEEE) and conversion to national law, used elec-
trical appliances must be collected separately and
taken to a recycling point. For ways to dispose of old
electrical appliances please contact your community
or city administration.
Illustrations may vary slightly from the product
itself. We reserve the right to modify the product in
accordance with technical advances. Decoration not
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Table of Contents

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