Troubleshooting - AEG 10616 Instructions For Use Manual

Microprocessor charger
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Error indicator (Er 1)
Error indicator (Er 2)
Battery cannot be charged
Long charging time
Battery voltage too low
Possible cause
Defective battery:
• Battery voltage is under 1.5 V and over
0.5 V
• Battery voltage is under 5 V for a 6 V
battery, or under 11 V for a 12 V battery,
after charging the battery for 4 minutes
• Battery voltage is under 6 V or 12 V 2
minutes after fully charging
• unable to fully charge within 24 h
Battery incorrectly/not connected
Incorrect battery voltage
(6 V/12 V/24 V) selected
No power supply, charger not plugged in.
Only a very low charging current is used
in very low temperatures (below 0 ºC).
This will extend the charging time. As the
battery warms up, the charging current is
adjusted accordingly.
Battery capacity too high for the charger
being used.
Battery wasn't charged long enough.
Have the battery checked by a speciality
repair shop.
Replace battery.
unplug charger and check the connections.
Unplug charger and wait until the display
goes out. Reconnect the
charger and select the
correct battery voltage.
Verify the charger is connected to a
230 V mains socket and
the display lights up. Battery may
be defective
Charge battery in normal conditions.
Explosion hazard!
Never charge frozen batteries.
use a suitable charger.
Ensure the battery is charged long enough.


Table of Contents

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