Connecting The Device; Start Charging; Display Light; Complete Charging And Disconnect Charger - AEG 10616 Instructions For Use Manual

Microprocessor charger
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Connecting the device

Always ensure correct polarity and firmly seated
battery clamps when connecting the device to a
battery, and prevent short-circuits from the battery
clamps touching.
1. Connect the required
terminal connection
cable (with rings or
clamps) to the device's
comfort plug connec-
tion (3).
2. Attach the red (+)
clamp to the (+) battery
3. Attach the black (-)
clamp to the (-) battery
The black (-) clamp can also be connected to the
vehicle chassis (Please refer to the auto maker's in-
structions!). Be sure both clamps have good contact
and are securely seated.
Risk of fire and electric shock! If possible, connect
the charger to the 230 V power socket without
extension cable. In exceptions, use the shortest
possible undamaged and unrolled 230 V extension
4. Plug the charger plug into a 230V power socket.
With the charger correctly connected, the charger
will start, showing the start-up display (standby
mode). In this mode the charger will automatically
reset to the default settings.
If the battery is recognised to be defective or con-
nected with the poles reversed, the error indicator
(Er 1) will light up. In this case, unplug the charger
and check the battery and the correct connection
(also see "Troubleshooting").
A battery is recognised to be defective if the battery
voltage is below 3.0 V (6 V battery or 12 V battery).
Have the battery checked by a speciality repair

Start charging

1. Repeatedly press the „Mode" (2) button to select
the desired charging mode 6 V, 12 V or 24 V.
2. The charging process will start automatically.
If an incorrect charging mode was selected, the
error code (Er 1) will appear. In this case unplug the
charger, wait briefly, and plug in again.
6 A
During the charging process the blocks inside the
battery symbol will flash based on the charging
With the battery fully charged, all blocks inside
the battery symbol will light up.
In addition, the display will show the current
battery voltage.
Once the battery is fully charged, the charger will
switch to trickle charge to maintain the charging
status and protect the battery from overcharging.

Display light

Press the "Mode" button (2).
The display light will automatically switch off after
approx. 30 seconds whilst charging. Press the Mode
button at any time to light the display for approx.
30 seconds.

Complete charging and disconnect charger

1. Always first unplug the power plug from the
230V alternating current socket.
2. Disconnect the black (-) clamp from the (-)
battery terminal or the vehicle chassis.
3. Disconnect the red (+) clamp from the (+)
battery terminal.


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