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Silvercrest KH 2415 Operating Instructions Manual page 7

De-stress travel clock
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logical or intellectual abilities or deficiences in
experience and/or knowledge unless they are
supervised by a person responsible for their safety
or receive from this person instruction in how the
device is to be used. Children should be supervised
to ensure that they do not play with the device.
• Attention: Listening to music for long periods
through headphones set at a high sound level
can lead to hearing damage!
To avoid damage to the device:
• Protect the device from dust and moisture as well
as direct sunlight. Use it only in dry rooms, do
not use it outdoors or in damp areas.
• NEVER open any part of the device housing,
unless instructions to do so are given herein.
Interaction with batteries
• Leaking batteries can cause damage to the ap-
pliance. Remove the batteries if you do not in-
tend to use the device for an extended period.
• Always exchange all batteries at the same time,
for new batteries of the same type.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents