Silvercrest KH 2198 Operating Instructions Manual

Projection alarm clock


D-44867 BOCHUM
ID-Nr.: KH2198_99-11/08-V2
KH 2199
KH 2198
Operating instructions


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  • Page 1 PROJECTION ALARM CLOCK KH 2198 PROJECTION ALARM CLOCK Operating instructions KOMPERNASS GMBH · BURGSTRASSE 21 · D-44867 BOCHUM ID-Nr.: KH2198_99-11/08-V2 KH 2199...
  • Page 2 KH 2198 u z t r KH 2199...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    INDEX Safety information Intended Use Items supplied Operating Elements Technical Data Inserting the batteries Placing Operation Cleaning and care Disposal Warranty and Service Importer Read these operating instructions carefully before using the device for the first time and preserve this manual for future reference. Pass this manual on to whoever might acquire the device at a future date.
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    PROJECTION ALARM CLOCK KH2198/99 Safety information To avoid potentially fatal injury through electric shock: • Only use the device in dry rooms. • Never allow fluids or objects to penetrate into the device. • Do not place objects containing fluids, e.g. flower vases, on the device.
  • Page 5 Note: Only for KH2199: This device is equipped with non-slip rubber pads. As floor and furniture upper surfaces comprise of various materials and are cleaned with various types of polishes and/or cleaning agents, it cannot be completely excluded that some of these substances contain components that could attack the rubber pads and soften them.
  • Page 6: Intended Use

    • In the event of the batteries leaking acids, put on a pair of protective gloves. • Clean the battery compartment and the battery contacts with a dry cloth. • Keep batteries away from children. Children could put batteries into their mouths and swallow them.
  • Page 7: Items Supplied

    Items supplied 1 Projection alarm clock with radio, 1 Operating manual The batteries and a 3V-mains adaptor (accessories), required for operation, are not included in the supply. After unpacking the device, immediately check to determine that all listed items are present and that the device is in a faultless condition. Remove all packagng materials and the protective foil from the display.
  • Page 8: Technical Data

    Rated current: Polarity: Even when using 3 V mains adapter, a battery must be inserted. Otherwise, the clock will not function. For Model KH2198: Insert the single battery into the upper part of the battery compartment . The two other batteries, one above the other, power radio operation and the projection.
  • Page 9: Inserting The Batteries

    False polarity will damage the device. The device can be operated as follows: • only with batteries , • with a mains power adapter and a battery for the clock. Inserting the batteries KH2198: You require three 1.5 V batteries of the type Micro / AAA / LR03.
  • Page 10: Placing

    Otherwise, the time will be shown back to front. With KH2199: Projection of the time must be directed to an area lying in front of the projection alarm clock. Otherwise, the time will be shown back to front. Operation Connect the external mains adaptor This device can be operated with an external mains adaptor.
  • Page 11: Radio Operation

    Radio operation 1. Slide the switch ALARM ON/OFF/AUTO 2. To switch on, turn the volume controller OFF/BUZZ/VOLUME an audible »Click« is heard. 3. Using the volume controller OFF/BUZZ/VOLUME sound volume level. 4. Place the waveband selector switch (FM/AM). 5. Adjust the tuning regulator frequencies can be read off from the frequency scale 6.
  • Page 12: Setting The Time

    The programmed time will be accepted automatically as soon as the button TIME is released. Setting the alarm time If the clock is set correctly, as described above: Whilst holding the button ALARM 1. Press several times consecutively, or press and hold, the button HOUR to set the hours.
  • Page 13: Snooze Function

    Radio alarm call When the clock is set correctly, as described above: 1. Adjust the tuning regulator 2. Using the sound volume controller OFF/BUZZ/VOLUME desired sound volume level. 3. To activate an alarm call with radio, place the switch ALARM ON/OFF/ AUTO at "AUTO".
  • Page 14: Cleaning And Care

    Projection Attention! When used properly, the radiation from the projection of the display is not at all dangerous!. However, avoid looking directly into the light beam and do not aim the beam at other persons or at animals. To display the time correctly on a wall or the ceiling, the hinged projection element needs to be swivelled into the correct position and the room must be appropriately darkened..
  • Page 15: Disposal

    Disposal Do not dispose of the device in your normal domestic waste. This product is subject to the provisions of European Directive 2002/96/EC. Dispose of the device through an approved disposal centre or at your community waste facility. Observe the currently applicable regulations. In case of doubt, please contact your waste disposal centre.
  • Page 16: Importer

    The warranty is void in the case of abusive and improper handling, use of force and internal modifications not carried out by our authorized Service Centre. Your statutory warranty claims are not restricted by this warranty. Importer KOMPERNASS GMBH BURGSTRASSE 21 D-44867 BOCHUM

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