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Before You Start The Installation; Download Information - Cisco Webex Room Panorama Installation Manual

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Before you start the installation

It is important that you read our Room Preparation
Guidelines before you start the installation. They
are available online.
During the installation you need both the
Installation Guide (this guide) and the Wiring
Diagram. Both documents are shipped with the
We recommend you to check if there are newer
versions of the Installation Guide and Wiring
Diagram online. You find the version number on
the last page (format: 78-xxxxxx-yyyy, where
yyyy is the version number).

Download information

You can download the room preparation
guidelines, wiring diagram, and installation
instructions from:
This webpage contains installation guides for all
products in the Cisco Webex Room Series. Look
for Cisco Webex Room Panorama.
Installation by instructed personnel
Due to the size and mass of the Room Panorama
system, it must be installed according to our
installation instructions by qualified personnel. The
installer must determine whether the wall must be
reinforced prior to the installation and calculate
the number and type of screws required for a safe
wall mounting.
The product is fastened to the wall
The Room Panorama is fastened to the wall with
three horizontal rails. These rails must be fastened
so that they can safely support the product. In
total, the product weighs close to 600 kg (1320 lb).
When installed correctly, the system rests on the
Perfectly flat wall
The rails must be level. If the wall is not perfectly
flat, horizontally and vertically, this must be
compensated for before you mount the rails.
The system has adjustable feet, which can
compensate for the floor not being perfectly flat.
Room Panorama consists of separately approved
This requires each component to
be connected directly to a wall socket outlet
that is installed by a qualified electrician.
are not allowed to use a power strip (multi-socket
extension cord).
Since each component has a power cord
connected directly to a wall socket outlet, there is
no total electrical rating (current, voltage) for the
Room Panorama system. You should check the
rating label on each component.