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Configuring A Basic System; Monitoring Alarms And Traps - Cisco ONS 15501 User Manual

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Monitoring Alarms and Traps

Launch the serial port communication utility on the PC or laptop and configure it to communicate at
Step 3
9600 baud, no parity, 8 bit data, 1 stop bit, and no flow control.
Step 4
Press Enter to get the login prompt.
The Cisco ONS 15501 is now ready for basic system configuration.

Configuring a Basic System

To configure a basic system, follow these steps:
Log in to the system using the default user password edfa, or the default master password edfa1.
Step 1
Enter host-config hostname to set the host name. The maximum allowed length for hostname is
Step 2
16 characters.
Enter ip-config ip-addr ip-subnet-mask def-gateway-ip to set the IP address, subnetmask, and gateway
Step 3
address. In the absence of any arguments for subnetmask and gateway address, default values are
Enter ntp status to enable the NTP, if appropriate, and enter ntp-ip ip-addr1 ip-addr2 to set the IP
Step 4
address of the NTP server.
Enter set-time time to set the time of the system if no NTP server is available. The time needs to be in
Step 5
the same format as this example, where PST is the time zone.
Fri Aug 24 10:50:31 2001 PST.
Enter set-user-pwd to set the user login password. The CLI then prompts the user for the default user
Step 6
password and the new user password. The default user password is edfa.
Enter set-master-pwd to set a new master password if you logged in using the master password. The
Step 7
CLI prompts the user for the default master password and the new master password. The default master
password is edfa1.
Monitoring Alarms and Traps
To configure the software on the Cisco ONS 15501 for console port-based monitoring, follow these
Enter show-trap to display the traps of the system.
Step 1
Enter alarm to display the alarms in the system.
Step 2
Enter status to check the optical and environmental status of the system.
Step 3
Cisco ONS 15501 User Guide
Appendix C, "Time Zone Codes,"
for a list of time zones and correlating abbreviations.
Chapter 3
Configuring the Cisco ONS 15501
78-14134-01, Release 1.0



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