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Required Tools And Parts; Installation Checklist; Installing The Cisco Ons 15501 - Cisco ONS 15501 User Manual

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Required Tools and Parts

Required Tools and Parts

You need the following tools and parts to install the Cisco ONS 15501:

Installation Checklist

The installation checklist includes the procedures for initial hardware installation of the
Cisco ONS 15501. Mark the entries as you complete each procedure. Make a copy of this checklist, as
needed, for the site log.
Installation checklist for site:
Product name:
Background information placed in site log
Cisco printed documentation received
Cisco ONS 15501 received
Accessories received
Required tools available
Additional equipment available
Site power voltages verified
Initial electrical connections established
Cisco ONS 15501 fully installed
Operation verified
Cisco ONS 15501 User Guide
2 2 F e b r u a r y 2 0 0 2
Use the site log as a record of ongoing system maintenance. Each time a procedure is performed on
the Cisco ONS 15501, update the site log to reflect situations such as maintenance schedules and
requirements, intermittent problems, changes and updates, configuration changes, and related
comments and notes.
Phillips screwdriver
Wire cutters, as needed (for DC power wiring)
Wire strippers, as needed (for DC power wiring)
Crimp tool (for grounding wire)
Digital voltmeter (with ohmmeter function)
Grounding wire (8 AWG)
Power supply connection wire (8 AWG)
Listed two-hole copper grounding lug (0.25 in. [0.635 cm] diameter bolt hole size, 0.625 in.
[1.5875 cm] center-to-center hole spacing)
Chapter 2

Installing the Cisco ONS 15501

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