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Temperature Range; Temperature Display - Miele 09 507 300 Operating And Installation Instructions

Wine conditioning unit
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While the temperature is being set, the
temperature value will flash in the
The following information appears in the
display when the sensors are touched:
– Touching a sensor once:
the previously selected
temperature will flash in the display.
– Each subsequent touch of a sensor:
the temperature is adjusted in 1 °C
– Leaving a finger on the sensor:
changes the temperature
When the highest or lowest
temperature in the range is reached,
a tone sounds (if the keypad tone is
switched on).
Approx. 5 seconds after taking your
finger off a sensor, the current
temperature inside the wine
conditioning unit appears.
If you have adjusted the temperature, it
takes some time before the appliance
reaches the set temperature.
The temperature display always
shows the current temperature.
Temperature and air quality

Temperature range

The temperature range for all wine
conditioning zones is between 5 and 20

Temperature display

In normal operation the temperature
display shows the actual temperature in
each temperature zone.
If the temperature in a particular zone
lies outside of the possible temperature
range for the appliance, only bars will
flash in the display.
Depending on the ambient temperature
and the temperature setting, it may take
up to a few hours before the selected
temperature is reached and constantly



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